bioDOGradable Certified Pet Waste Bags

Our biodogradable bags are USDA certified biobased products:

Through the voluntary labeling initiative, companies may apply for certification to display the USDA certified biobased product label on a product that states its third-party tested and verified biobased content. The purpose of this label is to make it easy for consumers to locate and compare biobased products for purchase.

Why Choose a Biobased Product?

By choosing a biobased product labelled, USDA certified biobased product, the consumer can be assured that the USDA and the federal government stand behind the accuracy of the percent of biobased ingredients as stated on the label. The USDA has established least biobased content standards for many product categories. A product must meet or exceed the least biobased content percentage in its given group to qualify for certification. Products belonging in categories for which minimum biobased content requirements have not yet been established must contain at least 25% biobased content.

What is a Biobased Product

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials. These products offer an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products and include a diverse range of offerings such as lubricants, detergents, inks, fertilizers, and bioplastics. For the purposes of the bio preferred program, biobased products do not include food, animal feed or biofuels.

Truly compostable pet waste bags: EN 13432 TUV OK compost industrial

Biodogradable bags features the OK compost industrial label & are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives. The sole reference point for the certification program is the harmonized EN 13432: 2000 standard:in any event any product featuring the OK compost logo complies with the requirements of the EU packaging directive (94/62/EEC).

Certified with: TUV OK compost home

Owing to the comparatively smaller volume of waste involved, the temperature in a garden compost heap is clearly lower and less constant than in an industrial composting environment. This is why composting in the garden is a more difficult, slower-paced process. TUV Austria’s innovative answer to this challenge was to develop OK compost home to guarantee complete biodegradability in the light of specific requirements, even in your garden compost heap.

Biodogradable bags certified with BNQ

BNQ certification is an excellent calling card, since it guarantees that the products and services provided and the systems implemented are compliant with the applicable standards. Tens of thousands of BNQ clients around the world see it every day: certification means quality and they cannot do without it.

In addition, certification sets them apart from the competition, because it makes them advance continually by updating their practices according to changes in the industry requirements. To them there is no doubt that certification is the best for raising their profile and gaining the trust of customers.

*for those products that are allowed to feature the mark or logo the following determinations apply in addition: the use of the conformity mark (logo) is allowed on non certified packaging in case its complete content is certified. In this case it must be clearly communicated near the logo that the logo on the packaging only concerns the packed product, not the packaging.*

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